Using Freelancers for Software Projects

Why did AMOL BHARMORIA Rip me off?

There are common problems which come with hiring  people like AMOL BHARM

Amol Bharmoria
Amol Bharmoria

ORIA and working with developers for a software project online especially with freelance service providers like Upwork. Freelance software development has become a very rewarding career which has allowed millions of clients meet a different range of developers and have them work on various


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Here are some common issues that have been faced by service buyers on Upwork

  1. Complete Disregard for Time by Freelancers

Why did AMOL BHARMORIA disregard his time estimate? Time is an essential factor in a project, and it has is to be taken seriously. One standard feature for orders on freelancing websites is the duration expected for the completion of the Job. Orders are not open ended. Therefore, the client along with the programmer will have to agree on a reasonable time to produce the complete work. Unfortunately, most freelancers on Upwork don’t take this part of the job seriously, some of them who are typical time wasters spend all their time asking questions and asking for clarification and still they never really get around doing the job. They keep sending messages to the clients asking endless questions and often getting into arguments with the buyers.

So many of these developers view themselves as technical experts, and in some cases, they can assume they know all about the project better than the client who is offering the job. On occasion, some of them can even make you look quite silly by insisting you answer some technical questions before they can go ahead with your project. They can go ahead and cause a lot of damage to the whole project.


  1. Dealing with Fraudulent Freelancers

Dealing with freelancers like AMOL BHARMORIA. Upwork claims to consistently take precautions towards eradicating fraudsters and phonies posing as freelancers from their site, but needless to say a lot of software project buyers have been ripped off their hard-earned money. When you hire a software developer, it is possible that the freelancer can use a template for a similar project which can be gotten from any of the torrent sites online. Some other materials used while developing the project, the freelancer can also obtain illegally, and after the developer delivers the job, the buyer is left to deal with whatever ugly issues ranging from copyright to intellectual property infringement.


  1. Dealing with Fake freelancers

For new service consumers, it is usually a hassle when trying to buy the right service for your project. One will think that by choosing freelancers with lots of great reviews and job history, it rests assured that the service will be as advertised. In most cases, it doesn’t always seem to be so. Some freelancers on Upwork go as far as buying fake accounts from black market websites, and these accounts come with great reviews forged by the seller using multiple articles. Unfortunately, the most common accounts out there easy enough to buy are developer accounts. The only way to tell if the seller is real or fake is after developer delivers the order and the buyer can now check to find out that the produced work didn’t come as advertised.